Burnside Autocyl (Tullow) Ltd.

Industrial Estate,
Tullow, Co Carlow

Phone: +353 59 9151200

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 8:00-16:30
Fri: 8:00-14:00


Burnside is a specialist in the manufacture of all types of Hydraulic Cylinders including Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, and Plunger Cylinders.

Our manufacturing is fully integrated allowing us to control all the steps beginning with Design, R&D, Prototyping, right through to Testing and ‘Fit and Function’ analysis after finishing.

World Class Manufacturing techniques are practiced in the factory which is organized in a cellular manner. Each dedicated production cell has its own team leader in charge of specific products and customers. This cellular approach is practiced in order to simplify communications and achieve maximum customer service and satisfaction.


All of our Hydraulic Cylinders undergo a chemical pre-treatment process, consisting of:

Degreasing | Cleaning | Iron Phosphating

This process guarantees optimal paint adhesion and finish. We offer colours and finishes to customers own RAL specification. We pack all cylinders to the highest standards, ensuring they reach the customer’s door in perfect condition.


All of our welding operators are certified to ISO standards.

All processes and equipment are compliant with our EN3834-2 Certification ensuring that our Hydraulic Cylinders are welded to the highest standard.

We test 100% of our Welded cylinders to further guarantee to our Customers the optimal Quality Hydraulic Cylinder.

In Relation to the current COVID -19 Pandemic, which is affecting all businesses around the globe - we want our valued customers, staff members and supply chain to know that Burnside Autocyl place the safety, health and wellbeing of all our invested partners at the core of our business and decision making.

Burnside Autocyl is making a significant contribution to supplying various sectors known as “critical infrastructure” (including food, pharmaceutical/medical industries as well as transportation) during this critical time. These are sectors upon which we all rely heavily in our daily lives.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all persons and organisations that have contributed in this major effort in supporting Burnside Autocyl to continue the supply of essential product across the world. A special thanks to: our Employees, our Supply Chain, Logistic Providers & Service Providers. Your support is greatly appreciated. We can all make a positive difference if we work together whilst staying apart.

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